Hot Dogs

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Hot Dogs

This is my second track, Hot Dogs.

It's based around a 'boing' sound, distorted beyond recognition from a game show sample.

Between the verses are harpsichord solos. I've wanted to use the harpsichord in a song ever since hearing it in an incredible mixtape from a Swedish indie band, Team Rockit.

I loved Team Rockit so much that one winter's day in 2015 I flew to Stockholm alone for an evening to see them in concert. I stayed in a boat-hotel moored on Södermalm and arrived early at the venue. I was the first person there. I walked into the room and saw all of my Swedish musical idols sat down for a convivial dinner next to the bar. Not just the Team Rockit crew, mind you. I'd been following the Gothenburg-based record label Sincerely Yours for a while, and their top stars were all there, like the two members of jj, and Erik Berglund from The Tough Alliance. It was insane.

But I didn't want to be the fanboy type who goes up and asks for an autograph. And also, I didn't have the guts. So I tried my best to ignore them, carried on drinking my over-priced beer at the bar alone, had an amazing time at the gig, went to sleep in a small, hot cabin, and the next day walked around Stockholm in the snow.

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